Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Infor CloudSuite Distribution provides comprehensive, end-to-end functionality that helps boost performance across your entire organization. It’s also continuously getting better, with new capabilities every 30 days. Just enable new features as they become available to take advantage of additional capabilities.

Modernize Your Business

CloudSuite Distribution is a complete distribution solution that combines the benefits of the cloud with functionality thats designed specifically for SMB wholesale distributors. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, its designed to help distributors modernize, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation.

With Infor CloudSuite Distribution, you get deep industry-specific functionality, including:

■ Order entry—Retain and reach new markets through a streamlined ordering process that includes a fast order-entry process with item recommendations, non-stock and special order options, and optimized counter sales.

■ Inventory control—Improve inventory management performance through better visibility into your largest asset by monitoring inventory turns, demand, optimized levels, and resulting profitability.

■ Value-added services—Meet increasing customer demands for more comprehensive services from distributors, such as kitting, light manufacturing, assembly, private labeling, and more.

■ Purchasing—Make intelligent purchasing decisions with access to a centralized interface that has all the information you need right at your fingertips, including color-coded notifications for problems and exceptions. You’ll also be able to manage the purchase of both stock and non-stock products with advanced order control, inventory management, and other flexible features.

■ Complex pricing requirements—Get a handle on complex pricing requirements, including matrix pricing, pricing discounts, quantity breaks, packaging breaks, contract pricing, and special pricing agreements (SPAs).

■ Financial management—Increase your financial insight and meet the challenges of operating multiple locations and companies, with multiple currencies. Infor CloudSuite Distribution can support your company’s growth whether it’s organic, geographic, or created through mergers and acquisitions.

■ Rebate claim management—You no longer have to manage complex rebate processes manually or with clunky tools. With a rebate management tool that encompasses the entire rebate claim process, you can quickly recover the rebates you are entitled to and achieve the best possible product margins.

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Infor Distribution SX.e

Infor Distribution SX.e helps all types of distributors increase productivity and adapt quickly to an evolving market. Providing broad visibility across your entire organization, this powerful solution delivers unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers and customers while simultaneously tracking millions of inventory items.

Improve profitability and boost operational efficiency by streamlining processes related to e-commerce, warehouse management, integrated supply, counter sales, purchasing and value-added services with Infor Distribution SX.e.

Offering powerful technology with deep functionality and flexibility, Infor Distribution SX.e is specifically designed to address the unique demands of the wholesale distribution industry. Use this comprehensive solution to increase operational efficiency, improve inventory management, and boost customer service.


Designed for small and medium distributors to help you respond to constant changes, manage increasing volume, and meet customer demands to stay competitive while controlling costs and focusing on core business processes.