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Today's distributors are moving their ERP, Ecommerce and Data Analytics to the Cloud

With Infor CloudSuite Distribution as their foundational ERP, wholesale distributors are embracing the competitive advantage of an interconnected business system running on a multi-tenant and secure cloud. Infor CloudSuite Distribution CloudSuite Partner.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Built for the Cloud. An ERP designed specifically for Distributors.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution is cloud-ready from day one, with end-to-end functionality built for today’s wholesaler. Always be current with new features released every 30 days, Infor CSD is a secure multi-tenant enterprise application platform hosted on AWS. Get onto Our Cloud.

CloudSuite Partner

“We transitioned from being a distributor who sold online to an Ecommerce company that happens to be a distributor. We’ve never looked back.”

– Ingmar Korstanje

Enterpristore Ecommerce

The future of Ecommerce. Fully integrated with Infor Distribution ERP.

Today’s distributor is leveraging Ecommerce as a 24×7 sales channel offering customers a secure method of checking inventory and placing orders for pickup and delivery. Direct to business is the new B2B
Birst Analytics

Distributors can now make faster, smarter decisions with Birst Analytics.

Visualize your data across the organization from sales to shipping with business intelligence and pre-built reporting that enables your people.

Industry References Across Micro-Verticals

Why Infor and Central Data?

Central Data is Infor's
Distribution Partner of the Year

With 200+ ERP implementations deployed and maintained over 20+ years, Central Data and Infor’s partnership is focused on the technology needs of distributors. 

Preparing them for the Cloud, today.

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