ERP’s Role in the Modern Manufacturer

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Have you heard about Industry 4.0? It’s a new strategy manufacturers are using to build a “smart factory” by automating computing and the exchange of data. Industry 4.0 includes innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT), self-learning systems, and cloud computing.

Industry 4.0 technologies could very well give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. But don’t make any moves until you’ve set the right foundation. According to the Aberdeen Group’s newest Whitepaper, the manufacturing industry is in a state of flux.

“Truly, the manufacturing industry is changing. Increased competition is leading to a focus on servicing customers. To succeed, manufacturers must explore new ways to deliver innovative products and services.”

Industry 4.0 for Manufacturers

Author Nick Castellina, Vice President and Research Group Director, Business Planning and Execution at the Aberdeen Group, says that manufacturers looking to succeed need to understand that “Industry 4.0 is here”. Industry 4.0 is the concept of combining automation of manufacturing processes with analytics through technologies such as cloud, analytics, and the Internet of Things, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

ERP’s Role in the Modern Manufacturer

How can manufacturers such as you successfully adapt to – and adopt – these technologies without disrupting your daily operations in the process? Castellina says the answer lies in implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and manufacturing ERP software.

In fact, many of your competitors are finding that integrating cloud technology, analytics, and IoT into their operations isn’t as easy as they expected. By making sure you’re on the right ERP system, you’ll position yourself to get the most out of Industry 4.0. Learn more in a new Aberdeen white paper.

In “ERP’s Role in the Modern Manufacturer: Supporting the Needs of Industry 4.0,” you’ll learn:

  • The new approach your peers are using to achieve profitability
  • The top five strategies leading manufacturers are using in 2017
  • Why industry leaders are three times more likely to be using cloud ERP
  • Why it’s essential to integrate business analytics into your ERP
  • How real-time visibility into processes can help you increase your competitive advantage

Implementing Industry 4.0 technologies the wrong way could be a costly mistake for your organization. Find out how to succeed on the latest solutions by downloading the white paper today.

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