Central Data

Managed IT Services – Relax, we’ve got this handled.

Today, no business can afford the risk and uncertainty of the old “wait till it breaks then fix it” maintenance service model because your business is too dependent on a reliable network. A well maintained, proactively serviced network infrastructure will always run better than the alternative. To put in simple terms – time is money and one of the biggest benefits of Managed IT is our experts can discover and fix IT problems before they negatively affect your business.

With Managed IT, Central Data provides your company the expert IT services you need to keep your business operating smoothly. We invest in the latest technology so you can capitalize on our investments and expertise. With Managed IT services from Central Data, cost-effective access to enterprise-level IT support is a reality.

Our Managed IT Services are scalable to your unique requirements.

We can do as much or as little as needed, because we love it all. We can assist your IT team by monitoring just your SX.e server or become your in house IT team. In either capacity, our certified technicians will monitor your server health, data integrity, PC management, network efficiency, Internet connectivity, vulnerability, desktop and peripheral support, annual no charge assessments, licensing requirements and compliance and much more.

8 Key Benefits of Managed IT from Central Data:

  1. Discover and fix IT problems before they negatively impact your business
  2. Proactively maintain and update your IT equipment and infrastructure
  3. Increase your operational efficiency with well maintained, reliable systems
  4. Reduce your operating overhead and IT staffing expenses
  5. Predictable and budget-friendly access to enterprise-level support
  6. Minimize downtime with a reliable experts on demand
  7. Allows you to focus on running your business, not on managing your technology
  8. Peace of mind from knowing that your network is monitored 24/7/365

Your network can make or break your business. At Central Data, we “connect the dots” across your entire technology solution by offering fast, reliable, secure network services to ensure top-speed information transfer, storage and communications. We can provide the backbone to connect you with remote networks, business partners, content providers, carriers and ISPs.

From virtual private networks to cloud-based solutions, regardless of your network needs, we can provide you with the seamless integration of secure connectivity that is installed, maintained and supported 24/7/365 by our certified network team. Whether you have one warehouse or multiple facilities, we’ll support you with a network and infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable and always on – that meets your needs today and grows with you tomorrow.

Configured for Your Business

We don’t design cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all networks (although we do love cookies). Our team of experts work directly with you to develop and configure a network solution tailored and scaled to the needs of your business. Whether you have 40 branches or are a single location distributor, we have a solution for your business.

Reliable and Secure Connectivity

We deliver the fast, scalable communication and data bandwidth that your business depends upon. We offer a complete menu of enhanced security services, holistic DDoS protection and failover services to secure your connection anywhere – from across the hall, to around the world.

Network Services Include

  • No charge site surveys and network analysis
  • Technical consulting group
  • Engineering group
  • “One call for all” support
  • Virtual private networks
  • Firewalls and Internet Control Management
  • Network Design and Re-Engineering
  • Security management
  • Database Administration
  • Email
  • Network Monitoring
  • Audits and performance optimization
  • Network Mapping and documentation
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Compliance Testing
  • Database Tuning
  • Dump and Loads


Our team of Progress Database Administrators, VMware technicians, Veeam experts and Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts (MCSE) will design, install and support your network.


  • Dell Servers, switches and SAN’s
  • VMware virtualization
  • Microsoft Windows Server, Remote Desktop, Office365, Exchange and more
  • Veeam backup solutions
  • Progress disaster recovery, replication and database solutions
  • Trend Micro Anti-Virus Solutions

Data Integrity

How important is your data to your business? We thought so. Ask us about our monitoring tools that can keep an eye on your data and business applications when you can’t, and ensure we know about and resolve an outage before your customers do.

Let our experts manage your technology so you don’t have to!

Let’s face it, you’re experts in your industry because you know distribution inside and out, and it’s not likely that your favorite hobby is tinkering with SAN fabric (nerd talk). But that is where our experts come in.

Let us perform a risk-free assessment of your network and IT infrastructure and put together a customized plan that will allow you to answer the question “How much do you pay your IT Manager?” Contact us today for more information