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 Data driven decision making is now a reality with Phocas, a business intelligence platform that is empowering modern distributors. Manage your business on trusted data and free yourself from data silos. With CloudSuite Distribution data available “out of the box”, Phocas has pre-packaged content built by industry experts available on day one. Welcome to Phocas Business Intelligence.

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Business Analytics for
Infor Distribution ERP


Analytics for Infor CloudSuite
Distribution, Infor SX.e, Infor FACTS

Are you getting enough reporting power and deep insights from your ERP data?

In complex distribution businesses, data is often distributed across ERP, CRM and financial systems, making it difficult for decision-makers to make fluid data-driven decisions. A direct feed of data from Infor and other systems into Phocas saves you time and reduces the need to maintain and rework static spreadsheets. Phocas brings critical data together and structures it in a user-friendly interface, becoming a single source of truth for people across all departments.

Phocas allows you to leverage your
ERP data to improve reporting,
analytics and planning capabilities


Financial Statements

Budgeting and Forecasting

Reasons Infor Customers are
Embracing Phocas

Custom dashboards
and reporting

Turn your Infor data into insights for
smarter decisions

Access to the
Infor Data Lake

Capturing data across the organization

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Demo Today

Data is a business asset
See what Phocas can do for you
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