Central Data

Complete Suite of Consulting Services

Connecting the dots across your entire technology solution though our complete suite of service offerings that deliver added value, proven expertise and relentless quality to each of our valued customers. Our team of experts have the experience and knowledge to execute every major project phase from development through implementation management and ongoing support. Whether a simple software upgrade or a large enterprise implementation that touches every employee in a company, our talented professionals are here to get the job done right.

Project Management

We understand the challenging task of implementing a new ERP solution. As experienced technology and business consultants, we know what it takes to successfully integrate a new system, and we will work hand-in-hand with your project leader to ensure a smooth transition.

We analyze your business to better understand your processes and then expertly guide your implementation. We provide smart tools and proven methodologies for your project managers that include planning guides, project plans, risk assessments, resource coordination, executive milestones, reviews and evaluations.


Software implementations can be daunting undertakings but our experts help ensure a smooth, successful and timely implementation process. We work closely with your project team to develop an implementation plan specific to your company to enable successful integration and roll-out.

Our Technical Services team is among the best in the industry, bringing quality and efficiency into your solution so you get the best ROI possible. We are onsite during installation and updates, to ensure that every aspect from the software, the server and networks are properly configured, installed, and running at optimum performance.


While Infor SX.e is designed to require little customization, we believe in maximizing its value by offering personalized add-on applications that best fit your unique industry and company. As experienced professionals, we understand distribution vertical markets, and we know how to develop solutions tailored to those challenges. Our programmers and analysts are proficient in system design, Progress, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, C, Java, Script, HTML, Cobol and ODBC.

Process Improvement

The distribution industry is constantly changing, and we help you keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and the best business practices. We are your trusted partner, providing end-to-end support across your entire operation. We offer a complete array of services well beyond your software installation and maintenance. As experienced experts in distribution, we help you make continual improvements to increase your productivity and your profitability.

Data Migration

We recognize the importance of your organization’s existing data, and we take great measures to preserve that information during conversion to your new ERP system. Our data migration process enables accurate and comprehensive conversion of your existing data to a format compatible with your new solution. We will train your in-house personnel on how to convert and clean up your data, thereby lowering costs typically attributed to electronic data conversions.

Business Consulting

We aren’t just a distribution solution provider; we are a complete business partner. Our technology solutions combined with our expert consulting services will provide you with cost savings, increased revenue, greater efficiency, and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

We are a full-cycle partner and our consultants oversee the entire project, beginning to end. As experienced industry professionals, our consultants conduct an in-depth business analysis and the challenges you face in order to design the most effective approach to project success. In an effort to achieve maximum operational efficiency, we will help you eliminate redundant operations, improve productivity and better leverage technology to optimize your return on investment.


With any new technology, the success of your implementation depends on how well your team is trained on the solution. When any implementation, big or small, is completed, our primary goal is to transfer knowledge to your organization and drive user adoption. We offer an extensive range of interactive training based on various user personas to help ensure the ongoing success of everyone on your team.

Training options include:

  • On-Site training
  • Instructor led classroom training
  • Online knowledge library
  • Field level product help
  • Instructor led internet training
  • Continuously enhanced educational materials

Customer Support

We are here to help you and your team succeed. Our team of friendly, qualified professionals offer a wide variety of support during the entire project’s life cycle, including Live Full Service Support and extended team and plan support. Our Customer Support Team is available 24/7 to resolve any technical issue that may arise. Customer support is available via the phone, the Internet, and a knowledge center that resides at your site. In addition, we provide the necessary tools and documentation to efficiently resolve technical issues so you can focus on your business, not trouble-shooting.

Business Continuity

Downtime and disruption of your business systems is real and serious risk to any company. We can help you mitigate that risk by developing a comprehensive business continuity plan. From data back-ups and redundancies, we can recommend and implement critical procedures that will help reduce your risk. If the worst happens and disaster does strike your business, we can work with your staff to minimize the interruption and help you recover quickly.