Central Data

Central Data Acquires Lowery Systems in St. Louis

We have exciting news!

We recently completed our acquisition of Lowery Systems, Inc. (LSi). Providing a complementary suite of services to Central Data’s current offering, St. Louis-based LSi will increase our customer base by 30 percent and bring a host of new opportunities to our existing clients.

As you know, Central Data provides end-to-end technology solutions to help wholesale distributors of all sizes and industries increase productivity, improve profitability and drive growth. Our services and products include consulting, ERP software and hardware, network solutions, training and ongoing support for each client.

LSi has been one of the leading providers of Infor FACTS, a distribution vertical ERP software solution. The company offered exceptional consulting, service and support on the software to their clients in the wholesale distribution industry.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?
As we sought to expand our vertical portfolio, we looked to add an ERP that would provide a broader array of services to a similar customer base so that our clients could benefit from the expanded offerings. This acquisition will provide additional products and services to clients, giving YOU a competitive edge.

Both Central Data and LSi are known for providing exceptional client service and ongoing support, which will remain at the forefront of Central Data’s business. As our CEO Midge said, “The culture of both Central Data and LSi is based on creating and sustaining a ‘raving fan’ customer base. This common ground in our company cultures was essential to the success of this transaction and will be a key factor in the smooth integration of our two companies.”

The acquisition of LSi supports our longer term plans for organic growth with a vision to offer wholesale distributor clients an even more comprehensive solution for their ERP needs. Central Data will continue serving our clients as we’ve always done, with a keen focus on the industry and marketplace they belong to.

Central Data has rehired 100% of LSi’s employee resource team and company operations and staff will remain in St. Louis to allow them to continue providing uninterrupted service to clients.

We’re truly looking forward to working alongside the LSi team to provide a seamless experience to all of our customers. We know our clients will benefit from our expanded service and product offering to help you grow your business, while enabling thoughtful growth for our own company.

It’s an exciting time for the industry, our clients and for our business. Thank you for being part of our family!